English Placement Test - 5o'clock

Aby określić swój poziom językowy (A1-B2) zaznacz w poniższym teście prawidłowe odpowiedzi. Wyniki zostaną wysłane na wskazany adres mailowy.

1. Kate ________________ hip hop but she loves rock.

2. Please give me ____________ books.

3. She _____________ late.

4.They _______________ to a restaurant on Saturday.

5. Look! Kevin __________________ with her!

6. I’ve got my English classes ____________ Monday and Friday.

7. Have you got _____________ sisters?

8. What time do you start school? __________ 8 o’clock.

9. What is _________________ mountain in the world?

10. This is your MP3, not ___________.

11. ______________ you see her yesterday?

12.Where ______________ you last night?

13. He ______________ his mother. They are almost identical.

14. I ______________ to Mexico.

15. __________ he ever tried Chinese food?

16. Cheese ___________ from milk.

17. If you don’t buy the tickets, we ______________ to the concert.

18. Sonia won’t go to the doctor if she ____________ OK.

19. Was the film ___________________?

20. We will leave as soon as they ______________

21. When I was young I _______________ play the piano.

22. If I were you I _____________________ this computer. It’s too expensive.

23. I wouldn’t have known that if you ______________________ me.

24. I can’t find my keys. I _________________ them at home.

25. Supposing it ___________ possible to go back in time, I’d like to see the pyramids being built.

26. We regret ___________ you that you have failed the entrance test.

27. When I saw her yesterday she felt a bit ___________ and decided not to go to work.

28. Never ___________ I witnessed such behaviour.

29. I cannot afford a holiday even in the Tatras. My bank account is __________.

30. ___________ I like that car, it’s too expensive for me.

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